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Nagaland: Konyak frontal organisations declare ‘War against Drugs’

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Concerned over the menace of drugs in Mon district, the Konyak frontal organizations have declared ‘War against Drug Abuse’.

The declaration was adopted during a joint meeting of the Konyak Union, Konyak Students’ Union, Konyak Women’s Organisation and Konyak Baptist Churches’ Organisation held in the Office of the Konyak Union, Mon on Tuesday.

In a release, the Konyak Union officials said that they have resolved to direct all the Village Councils under Mon district to plan and carry out treatment activities for the drug and opium addicts.

A Committee on Drug Abuse Mitigation and Prevention was also formed to provide technical support and logistics for the treatment program. The churches were requested to step in with counseling and rehabilitation of drug users.

They have also directed anyone involved in consuming or peddling of the illegal drugs to desist immediately lest stringent action would follow starting with imprisonment.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-09-05 5:43 PM