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Tinsukia: Weather Monitoring benefits Students and Farmers - Teacher establishes weather monitoring station

, 2019-06-28 11:52 AM
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The headmaster wanted to encourage students to study science and help farmers by predicting weather conditions

Chinmay Chetia, a science teacher and headmaster-in-charge of N. Them Middle English School under Margherita sub-division of Tinsukia district, has established a weather monitoring station, to encourage students to study science and help farmers by predicting weather conditions.

The school is 22km from Margherita and 75km from Tinsukia.

“Students will get the basic knowledge of the local weather through this system. A barometer, a windsock, a hydrometer, a thermometer, an anemometer, and a rain gauge have been included in the station. A special unit with the school’s students has been formed to collect data for the station every day. The station will be equipped with more apparatus. I seek cooperation from all to make it a full-fledged and a highly-advanced weather monitoring station,” Chetia said.

Binty Sharma, Tinsukia district elementary education officer said, “It is really praiseworthy that a headmaster of an upper primary school of a remote region has come up with such an innovative idea. Local residents, especially students, can gauge actual temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction in this area and plan their everyday activities accordingly through this station.”

Margherita block elementary education Officer Tankeswar Gogoi said: “This will help residents get specific information about weather conditions. It will help them with necessary information during floods too.”

The president of the Margherita Subdivision Prathmik Shikshak Sanmeelan, Bharat Neog, said, “This is a good initiative to keep people updated about the local weather. It will help us take the necessary precautions during rain or floods as well.”

A class VIII student of N. Them Middle English School expressed: “I want to be a meteorologist. I will study atmospheric chemistry and physics with a major focus on weather forecasting. The weather monitoring system, set up by our sir, will help me a lot learn these things.”

Students of neighboring schools are visiting N. Them School to experience weather monitoring.

The school was instituted in 1973 and provincialized in 1978 which currently has 198 students. Chinmay Chetia joined the school in 1995.

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