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Facebook brings together sisters after 39 years

Mizoram , 2019-07-19 1:20 PM
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After 39 years of rigorous search and death rumors Jyothi Edla Rudrapathi didn’t lose hope on her lost sister.

An NRI, Rudrapathi, didn’t give up her quest to find her long lost sister, Kamala, who was married to a Mizo CRPF jawan and moved to Mizoram back in 1980 and went missing thereafter.

Currently, this miraculous story of reunion is viral in social media.

Rudrapathi posted a request on a Facebook group called Mizoram News (in English) on Monday, asking help from the members to find her sister, who she believed was still alive and living in Mizoram. She attached a four-decade-old photograph of Kamala with her husband, who was known by the name “Hmingliana” in CRPF camps, with her post.

Rudrapathi, who was only five years old at that time, was also seen in the photo sitting on Hmingliana’s lap.

The post was widely shared on social media and within two hours, Rudrapathi found her sister.

Speaking to The Telegraph over the phone from the US, Rudrapathi said her brother-in-law Hmingliana, who hailed from Sialsuk village, married Kamala when he was posted as a CRPF jawan in Andra Pradesh (now Telangana) in 1980.

They lost contact when the family moved to Mizoram.

She said they have been searching for them for the last 38 years. They tried to contact the family through Kiran Bedi when she was posted as deputy inspector-general (range) of Mizoram in the early 1990s. But Bedi was transferred to New Delhi in 1993 before she could do anything.

Kamala’s parents, Edla Joseph and Edla Karunamma, then rushed to the nearby CRPF camp, where they were told that their son-in-law was no more in the service.

This put the family in a more difficult situation.

Rudrapathi said a CRPF jawan from Mizoram came to Telangana in 2013, who told the family that Kamala had died in that year. “Despite the news, I believed that one day I will meet my sister. I finally did and now my joy knows no bounds,” she said.

She said they have spoken to Kamala. “This is wonderful time for our family. My mother, who is now 86, is the happiest mother.”

Rudrapathi lives in the US with her two children and husband, who is a pastor. Her father Joseph died in 2010. She said the family would soon organize a reunion. “We are highly indebted to the Mizos for their help.”

Kamala said her husband, whose actual name was Lallianzara, a resident of Lawipu on the outskirt of Aizawl, joined the CRPF in the 1970s.

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