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Import of pork only from selective Asian countries: Mizoram

Mizoram , 2019-07-04 5:49 PM
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The district administrations of all the eight districts in Mizoram have issued banning notice of pigs, piglets, and pork-based foods into their respective districts. The reason is the prevalence of African Swine Flu (ASF) in some Asian countries.

An official statement on Wednesday said that the secretary of state animal husbandry and veterinary department instructed all the district magistrates to prohibit the import of pork from some Asian countries.

“Experts said that import of pork and pork-based food items from Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Laos could easily cause ASF outbreak in the state,” the statement said.

As ASF infection means sure death for pigs and piglets, preventive measures are being taken by the state government to ensure that the dreaded disease does not enter Mizoram, it added.

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