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Mizoram waives Act acknowledging the rights of forest residing tribal

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On Tuesday, Mizoram Assembly repealed a law enacted to recognize tribal people historically live in jungles forest land rights, saying it's not applicable to the government.

The 2006 Scheduled Tribe & Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act (Recognition of Forest Rights) was abrogated by the joint adoption of an official resolution moved by Minister of Social Welfare Dr. K Beichhua.

According to laws, a formal resolution passed by the state assembly on October 29, 2009 made this law applicable to Mizoram, Beichhua said.

The government was then under the control of a Congress headed by Lal Thanhawla.

Beichhua, a minister in the government of the Mizo National Front, said the law had little or no significance to the state on Tuesday.

Another motion was required to withdraw the law from the state and was adopted unanimously by the state legislature.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-11-20 2:29 PM