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Mizoram News : Coronavirus screening begins along Indo-Myanmar border

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The Mizoram government started screening passengers on the border between Indo-Myanmar to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus that claimed more than 300 lives in China.

Official sources said screening counter and rapid response force were set up as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the deadly virus at Zokhawthar in Champhai district on the Mizoram-Myanmar border.

A state health department medical team led by medical officer Dr. Samuel Laldinthara has been deployed to perform border cross-border travel screening on their health status and travel history, sources said.

The sources also said the Myanmar government has set up screening counters on another side of the border and began screening for coronavirus since January 27.

The Mizoram government has also set up a screening counter at the lone Lengpui airport where the medical team was deployed to do a screening of passengers coming from outside the State.

Updated by: News Sources 2020-02-05 12:31 PM