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Mizoram News : Two poachers held for killing Mizoram’s state animal

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Two poachers allegedly involved in killing Mizoram's state animal serow, have been arrested by police.

Kulikawn Police arrested the poachers on Wednesday after a video of killing a serow on social media became viral.

Serow is Mizoram's state animal, and a schedule I animal.

The arrested poachers were identified under Kulikawn police station on the outskirts of Aizawl as PC Zomuankima and Lungtiawia of Phulpui village.

Both were arrested on a complaint lodged with Kulikawn police station by Association for Environmental Protection (ASEP), president Lalmuansanga.

Lalmuansanga said he got a video of a person firing and injuring a serow on Tuesday night, and another man shooting the video.

He posted the video on the Facebook page of the association, which had gone viral, triggering public outrage.

Updated by: News Sources 2020-02-06 10:44 AM