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Meghalaya: Committee meeting held to discuss amendment of Sixth Schedule

Meghalaya , 2019-09-20 2:33 PM
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The committee headed by District Council Affairs (DCA) Minister, James PK Sangma on Thursday held a meeting to discuss the proposed amendment of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.

“We have in-depth deliberations on the proposed amendment. We have reached a consensus on many important points,” said Sangma after the first meeting of the committee on Thursday.

He further informed that the committee will again meet on September 26 before submitting the recommendations and suggestions before the Parliamentary Standing Committee. The DCA Minister also discussed the issue of unrepresented tribes.

He said, “We also discuss on the demand of the KHADC to amend the presidential order of 1950 which recognizes 50 other tribes”.

According to him, the change of the presidential order is a different matter altogether. “We are only discussing the proposed amendments that are there in the bill,” he said.

Meghalaya Indigenous Tribal Constitutional Rights Movements (MITCRM) member, Samuel Jyrwa, also the member of the committee said that the main concern which they have raised is the proposal of having a village council and a municipal council.

“Even though the current bill, the village council, and the municipal council is exempted for Meghalaya for the time being till the Governor decides,” he said.

He added that the election of the village dorbar or dorbar shnong should be conducted by the district council and not by the election commission.

Jyrwa said that from the very beginning they had opposed the proposal from the Centre to nominate persons of “unrepresented tribes” in the KHADC and GHADC.

It may be mentioned that the representation of the “unrepresented tribes” has been incorporated only in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) and Garo Hill Autonomous District Council (GHADC).

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