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Meghalaya: Arengh clan members take stand against negative social media posts

Meghalaya , 2019-08-30 1:21 PM
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The Arengh clan members taking a stand against anti-social messages which was spread by one, Kurang Arengh on Wednesday has disowned the social media handle while also asking the person (s) behind the social media handles to stop anti-social acts through social media with immediate effect.

The decision to disown the social media handle comes in the wake of various complaints, including FIRs filed against the social media handles which have been making sensational accusations against various leaders from Garo Hills.

Earlier on Wednesday, the New Tura Dalbot Mahari Association (NTDMA) has also sought action against the user (s) behind the handle of Kurang Arengh who condemned the criminal use of social media while urging the DC to act on the matter.

The Arengh clan members held an emergency meeting on the matter and disassociated itself from the handles of ‘Kurang Arengh’, ‘Ku’Arengh’ and ‘Voice of Arengh’.

“It has been brought to the notice of the Tura Arengh Mahari Association (TAMA) that some individual or group is using the name Arengh using the above mentioned social media handles and damaging the reputation of the clan. To protect the image of Arenghs, we urge them to stop such acts. We urge upon any individual or groups from within the ‘Mahari’ to stop such acts and preserve the dignity of the Maharis,” said the press release by TAMA.

The handle has been not only making sensational claims but has even posted photos of women with various allegations against them, including those of sex racketeering. The posts have also been extremely communal in nature.

The case has also put the cybercrime division of WGH police under scrutiny as even after various complaints against the person (s) behind the handles; nothing has been done to get those behind the allegations. Instead, the user (s) have been emboldened by the inaction and continued to use social media to create a more unverified sensation.

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