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India News: Bar Dancers from West Bengal, Assam ‘Rescued’ In a Honey Trap Case – 4 Firs Filed

Universal , 2019-12-03 4:32 PM
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Four FIRs were filed by the Madhya Pradesh Police on Sunday in connection with the infamous honey trap case hogging the state headlines for the past two months.

On Sunday, four cases were slapped against Jitendra Soni, an evening daily owner-cum-head editor, his son and their colleagues after raids at their establishments, including a night club, for allegedly carrying exposures in the honey trap racket.

Although the raids took place late on Saturday night, police announced on Sunday night about three FIRs and late in the evening about the fourth FIR.

On Sunday, Senior Police Superintendent Ruchi Vardhan Misra said three separate FIRs were registered in various local police stations against Jitendra, his son Amit, and people associated with them following the raids.

The police action was reportedly taken in connection with the honey trap racket in Madhya Pradesh after the newspaper carried reports of erotic conversations based on audio-video clips involving influential politicians and bureaucrats.

Strangely enough, similar accounts of the case appeared in some other Bhopal newspapers about the scam without creating any ripples in the state capital.

The raids were condemned by Indore Press Club and some other journalists organizations, saying the exercise was intended to "intimidate" the media.

On the complaint of suspended Indore Municipal Superintendent Engineer Harbhajan Singh under the IT Act, a state government official said the FIRs were registered. Singh said his confidentiality was infringed by the newspaper with objectionable material with different communications media.

The officer said during last night's raid, 67 girls and women along with children were rescued from the Soni family's night club at the Geeta Bhawan crossing. They include Western Bengal and Assam bar dancers.

He said an FIR was also registered under section 370 of the IPC for human trafficking. The rescued women were given shelter, and they are documenting their comments, he added.

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