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Hyderabad rape-murder case -- 4 accused killed in encounter: Police

Universal , 2019-12-06 9:58 AM
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The four suspects arrested in connection with a 27-year-old woman veterinarian near here last month's rape-and-murder was killed in an alleged police confrontation on Friday morning, police said.

"The four accused were killed in an encounter with the police," Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar said.

The four men, all lorry workers, aged between 20 and 24, were arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping and killing the woman by smothering her and later burning her body.

They were sentenced to judicial detention for seven days.

Police took them to the crime scene as part of the investigation on Friday morning, a source said.

"They fired upon the police team and we retaliated in self-defence. Two of our men are also injured in the incident," the source told PTI.

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