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Two NE states including Manipur, Mizoram pass bills fearing influx after NRC in Assam

Universal , 2019-09-20 3:23 PM
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The Assemblies of the two Northeastern states namely Manipur and Mizoram have passed legislations that bar non-residents from settling in the states.

The move came after the National Register of Citizens was compiled in Assam so to prevent the state from infiltration.

The Mizoram assembly unanimously passed the Maintenance of Household Registers Bill, 2019, on March 18, and sent it to the MHA, the nodal ministry for central scrutiny of state bills and obtaining Presidential assent.

The law intends to provide a credible individual identification system and prevent non-bona fide people from usurping benefits of developmental schemes. At the moment, government schemes tap ‘Aadhaar’ for identifying beneficiaries.

The Manipur People’s Protection Bill defines ‘Manipuris’ and ‘non-Manipuris’ and seeks to regulate entry and exit of the latter to protect the interests of the former. The bill lists Meiteis, Pangal Muslims, and listed Scheduled Tribes of state and Indian nationals living in Manipur before 1951 as ‘Manipuris’.

Most northeastern states are protected by ‘inner line permit’ a visitor to the state has to obtain, an official clarified. The Nagaland government, however, has highlighted ‘illegal immigration’ to propose RIIN, similar to Assam’s NRC during a discussion with Union home ministry officials last month.

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