Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir are working on a strategy to revive and develop the sericulture sector

Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir are working on a strategy to revive and develop the sericulture sector

The government of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has begun work on a multi-pronged strategy for the revitalization and holistic development of the sericulture sector. This is written by ANI, a partner of the TV BRICS network.

According to the official release, the roadmap for holistic growth in agriculture and related sectors will help ensure good quality products, as well as increase their quantity with increasing global demand.

“The government of Jammu and Kashmir is working to expand the area under mulberry plantations to increase the availability of plants for livestock farmers. The Department of Forestry and the Department of Sericulture are working together to achieve the green mission of Jammu and Kashmir and build market infrastructure to make it easier for cocoon growers to sell their products,” the statement said.

At a recent event, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha urged everyone involved in the silk industry to start looking to the future.

Sinha said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government is committed to providing the training, technology materials, IT tools and other infrastructure support needed to transform sericulture.

The government is taking various measures to make this sector viable. It is necessary to preserve the skills passed down from generation to generation and make this sector more financially attractive, he said.

The state attaches great importance to the introduction of the latest technological advances in sericulture in order to reduce dependence on imported products.

“One of the three important centers in the country for research and development, training, technology transfer and IT implementation has been established in Pampor, Kashmir,” the report said.

To meet the needs of Jammu and Kashmir for research, training and dissemination, the Central Silk Board (CSB) has set up the Central Breeding Research and Training Institute (CSR&TI) in Pampora to revive the former activities of the CSB in the region.