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Assam’s Youngest Archeologist Plans to Recreate Ahom Kingdom

Assam , 2019-11-19 2:28 PM
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Arsh Ali, named the country's youngest archeologist, is on a quest to recreate Assam's Ahom kingdom.

On papers complete with all archeological sites including monuments and maidams, Arsh will endeavor to recreate the entire Ahom belt in eastern Assam, particularly Sivasagar.

The same can be recreated by a three-dimensional model at a later stage.

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“When the Ahom kings died, the maidams took at least six months to construct. During that period the bodies were kept in a huge tumbler or a pond in oil,” Arsh shared.

“I will be trying the same through an experiment involving local archaeologists and students using guinea pigs,” he added.

Arsh exuded confidence during an informal meeting with Sivasagar deputy commissioner Dr. M S Lakshmi Priya that his efforts will also improve the promotion of tourism in the district.

Arsh is in Sivasagar to give a lecture at the 2019 World Heritage Week national seminar.

The seminar is conducted by the Archeology Directorate in cooperation with the administration of the district of Sivasagar.

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