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Assam Bhawan gets new Assamese Ethnic restaurant

Universal , 2019-11-23 2:24 PM
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New Delhi got a new restaurant on Friday that would promote and serve Assam's ethnic cuisine to the city's local people along with the visitors traveling there.

The restaurant was inaugurated in Assam Bhawan by Rameswar Teli, union minister of state for food processing industries.

“Happy to inaugurate Assamese Ethnic Cusine restaurant in Assam Bhawan, New Delhi today,” the Dibrugarh MP tweeted after the inauguration.

“I hope this restaurant would help to promote rich ethnic cuisine in the capital amongst the residents and tourists,” the tweet added.

“New Delhi witnesses a rush of tourists from Assam and Northeast all throughout the year for various purpose and a new ethnic restaurant here will certainly make them feel at home,” said an Assam Bhawan official.

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