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Tuskers Task Force to Focus on Minimizing Human-elephant Conflict

Assam , 2019-09-05 3:40 PM
breaking news

An NGO called ‘Tuskers Task Force’ was formed recently at a public meeting held at Rangajan, Golaghat. The NGO was formed with an objective to work on various aspects of biodiversity and environmental conservation.

It will also work on the intellectual development of citizens for the protection of flora and fauna of the region and will organize various studies, seminars, awareness meetings, discussions, sensitizing programs and debates. Tuskers Task Force will also emphasize on other educational, political, socio-economic issues closely related to the sole purpose of environment conservation and wildlife protection.

The founder secretary-general of the NGO, Rituraj Phukon said that the NGO was committed to working for various challenges and issues related to nature, environment, and wildlife. As of now, the NGO will adopt a series of programs and awareness campaigns to minimize the human-animal conflict in various places of Golaghat district, he added.

Many places of the Numaligarh-Morangi area of Golaghat are dealing with intense human-elephant conflict for the last couple of years. After the formation of the NGO, expectations of people are high as the NGO will be focusing mainly on reducing the human-elephant conflict to a tolerable limit in the coming days. President of the NGO, Dr. Rajeev Basumatary stated that the 11-member core-committee would be working with full dedication and the NGO would keep a strict vigil on conservation initiatives being carried out by the government to ensure that resources were wisely used to benefit environment conservation.

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