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Assam News : Veterinarian Dr Kushal Konwar Sarma conferred Padma Shri

Assam , 2020-01-27 10:35 AM
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Assam veterinarian Dr Kushal Konwar Sarma was awarded to Padma Shri for his outstanding contribution in the field of wildlife treatment and the conservation of Asian elephants.

Dr Sarma is the professor and head of the Department of Surgery and Radiology of the College of Veterinary Science at Khanapara in Guwahati.

Dr. Sarma has made an excellent contribution to wildlife care in India and even abroad over the past three decades.

Popularly, he is known in Assam as the "Hati (Elephant) Doctor" because of his excellent service in calming and taming rogue wild elephants.

Dr Sarma managed more than 7,000 elephants, captive as well as wild, without a weekend off for the last 10 years.

He also played an important role in taming about 200 rogue bull elephants during the last three decades.

Dr Sarma, along with his teaching assignment, played a pro-active role in conservation of India’s Asian elephant population.


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