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Sensitize the NGO's judiciary: Security Wings Ordered by Centre

Universal , 2019-11-14 12:17 PM
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The Union government has asked heads of central and state security agencies to raise awareness of the judiciary about NGOs and think tanks that may be involved in anti-India activities, sources said on Wednesday.

The government has noticed several NGOs indulging in activities against the interest of the country, resulting in serious security issues.

The Centre has directed the leadership in state police forces and central investigating agencies, such as National Investigation Agency (NIA) and CBI, “to take initiative in sensitizing the judiciary on activities of NGOs from the national security perspective,” sources said.

We have also been advised by the central government to track the activities of such NGOs and think tanks and send a detailed report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) accordingly.

Sources said the judiciary needs to be informed of the illegal activities of organizations such as carrying out campaigns and mass mobilization against the government in the name of humanitarian work.

“They indulge in subversion and public mobilization with hidden agenda to destabilize the security of the country,” said a senior IPS officer, adding the judiciary should be aware of these NGOs’ hidden agenda and agencies should apprise them about it.

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