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Section 144 introduced in Guwahati to ' prevent ' breach of law and order

Assam , 2019-11-28 10:21 AM
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A release was issued by the Deputy Police Commissioner in Guwahati where it was reported that Section 144 was placed in parts of the city on suspicion that some unidentified organisations, organizations were likely to interfere with state normalcy.

The police suspected that some organizations are planning to conduct agitation in parts of the city that would affect public order and normal life.

The DCP has found that preventive measures are needed to ensure peaceful public movement, smooth traffic flow and normal office functioning. It is therefore prohibited to gather more than five people in any location, bear arms and ammunition, explosives and guns of any kind, procession and shouting inciting group violence, gambling in public places, and use of loudspeakers. The order with immediate effect is to come into force.

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