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Turkish duo caught in Mumbai for 60 ATM frauds in Assam

Assam , 2019-09-06 1:34 PM
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Mumbai police had recently arrested two Turkish youths from a hotel at Colaba in Mumbai on Wednesday, the duo has been identified as Abdul Halik Yurgan and Eurah Igadi. As per reports, the duo has been involved in many ATM fraud with over 60 cases in Assam.
They had installed a skimming machine in the number of ATM Kiosks to mislead people along with a secret camera in many ATM kiosks.
During interrogation, they revealed that they were involved in larger gang who hack ATM machines to steal money. After customers insert their ATM cards into the machine for withdrawing, their magnetic code would be copied into the skimming machines and the camera would capture the password. The accused personas would later use the data to create fake ATM cards and steal their money.

The Assam police got a sniff of them when an amount of 11,000 first withdrew from an ATM kiosk in Delhi. After a complaint filed by one person, Assam police discovered that the ATM hackers were the same person on the CCTV camera. The Assam police later alerted the Mumbai police that duo has fled to Mumbai.
The Mumbai police found the duo after studying their call records and later arrested them from a hotel in Colaba.

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