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Google rolls out option to auto-delete location data, web history

Arunachal Pradesh , 2019-07-04 12:26 PM
breaking news

Google has started rolling out the option to auto-delete location data history on Android and iOS, according to an official blog post. The feature was announced back in May as part of Google’s big push on privacy. Google has already rolled out the option for Web & App Activity on desktop, which lets users restrict the time period on how long the data is kept by the company. But the option to restrict location history will be one of the most important changes that Google has done in the past.

Interestingly Google’s Chief Privacy officer Keith Enright had earlier stated that the many users preferred the setting of not deleting the data all. “The current deletion window is tied to product functionality being good. If we reduce it, then product experience will be eroded,” he had explained.

Google revealed that the ‘keep data until I delete manually’ option was preferred by users. This is the default option in its new privacy settings. One of the problems with this new data setting which lets users delete a significant portion of their search and location history after a given period is that the onus is still on the individual to find and activate these.

With the new privacy focus, Google is giving users the option of choosing a time limit for how long they want the activity data to be saved by the company, which is good to see. The options are to keep data forever, keep data for three months and keep data for 18 months.

If you pick either three or 18 months, Google says any data older than that will be automatically deleted from your account on an ongoing basis. The controls will be rolling out to users in the coming weeks, which means you might not see this option for location data immediately. The Google app on your Android phone and your iOS device should soon show an option for this setting.

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