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Roing girl sets PM Narendra Modi ‘homework'

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A girl from Arunachal Pradesh has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to include suggestions for parents and teachers to reduce stress among children in his book Exam Warriors.

In his Mann Ki Baat, a monthly radio program, on Sunday, Modi mentioned a letter from Aleena Taayang of Roing, Arunachal Pradesh.

“When the result of my class exam was declared, some relatives asked me if I had read Exam Warriors. I replied in the negative. Later, I purchased the book and read it more than twice. I felt had I read the book before my exams, I would have benefited a great deal. I liked quite a few aspects of the book. I noticed that it contains many valuable tips for students. However, for parents and teachers, the book does not have much. So, if you are thinking of launching another edition, please include a few suggestions for parents and teachers along with the new content,” Modi said, reading out the letter.

Exam Warriors published by Penguin India runs into 208 pages. It was launched in February 2018.

The book, written in an interactive style with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises, intends to reach out to students and prepare them to face the difficulties ahead of exams.

“Even my young friends have vested their trust in me. The Pradhan Sevak, the principal servant of the country, will do whatever they ask for,” Modi said. “My young student friends, first of all, I thank you for writing to me. Thank you for reading Exam Warriors more than twice and special thanks for pointing out the shortcomings of the book. My little friend has entrusted me with a task. I shall certainly comply with your order. As you told me, I shall try to write something for parents and teachers as and when I get time to pen a new edition,” the Prime Minister added.

Modi has called upon all students, teachers, and parents to come up with their experiences and suggestions on how to remain stress-free during exams.

“I shall duly go through their suggestions and try to incorporate them in the book in my own words. If suggestions come in large numbers, they will be incorporated in the new edition. I shall eagerly wait for your thoughts to flow. Once again, I express my gratitude to our little friend Aleena Taayang from Arunachal,” Modi said.

Updated by: News Sources 2019-09-30 2:14 PM